Between the Two Vice Presidents Pence and Biden – With One Anti-Communist and One Pro-Communist, Whom Would You Vote For?

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Today is May 4, 2019.  We will be talking about two Vice Presidents of the United States, should they run the election, whom would you support to be the next President?

Before we get into the subject, I want to first express my appreciation towards some of you who have recently tipped me.  One of them was a lady from Kansas who happens to share the same family name with me, Ms. Wu – your tip and the kind words had been received.  Really appreciate it!  There is also a Mr. Chen in Europe.  His name is disclosed under the Comments under my YouTube channel as Chen Ximing.  Your support along with that of everyone else’s is greatly appreciated!

Today is also the “World Press Day” declared by the United Nations yesterday on May 3.  Few people in mainland China are aware of it, but many living overseas do know about it.  We all hope that the freedom of speech and press would soon arrive in China.  Before the autocracy in China could be changed, we must first fight for the freedom of speech.

Today, I want to talk about the two U.S. Vice Presidents, one being Biden, the Vice President under Obama, and the other being Pence under Trump.  Both have made impressive moves on the political stage, especially with Biden’s announcement of running for the 2020 election.  Yet can he make it happen?  More interestingly, if Pence were to run too, would you pick him over Biden?

Let’s take a look at what Biden has done in the past few days.  On a gathering on May 1, he advocated an important political view: “Will China eat our lunch? Come on, man! Beijing is currently busy with the domestic and regional conflicts, such as the tensions in South China Sea, and the corruptions in the country.  How could they have time competing with the U.S.?  They’re not our competitor.”

Those are Biden’s words, which is the voice that the Chinese government utterly hopes to be delivered by the Americans.  China would love for the U.S. to consider it a “partner” rather than “competitor”, so that it can continue all stealings of the U.S. intellectual properties as well as the massive red erosions.

Why would Biden make this statement?  What “tensions” are there in South China Sea?  Are they not created single-handedly by China itself?  South China Sea region had for many years been calm and peaceful.  In 2002, more than a dozen of ASEAN countries signed a Peace Treaty that prevents its members from initiating any economic or military conflict in the region.  Being one of the major founders of ASEAN, right after signing the Treaty, China rushed to build up all kinds of islands for military purposes including several man-made islands.  The only reason for doing so is to compete with the U.S. by gaining control of the region, as does any hegemony in the world and best exemplified by Hitler.

Therefore, all the tensions in South China Sea are created solely by the Chinese government.  As long as the current Communist regime stays in power, the tensions will continue.  Is Biden really oblivious to the realities of the Chinese Communist government as the Vice President under Obama for 8 years?  Of course he is NOT!  He is not pretending to be dumb.  He is being sinister! He is acting as the American spokesman of the Chinese government and covering up the hidden reasons of the military conflicts in South China Sea and the true intentions of the Chinese government for starting such tensions.

As to Biden’s statement of China is having difficulty dealing with its corruptions under the regime — do you not know, Biden, that autocracy and corruption are twins and one exists because of the other?  “Absolute corruption produces absolute autocracy and absolute autocracy leads to absolute corruption.”  With the Communist Party being the absolute power in China, corruptions are doomed to happen because autocracy serves as the perfect hotbed.  As a matter of fact, the Communist Party has no intention to eradicating corruptions under its control, because it would have lost its most effective attacking weapon against the political opponents within the party.  As long as the Chinese Communist Party exists, so will the corruptions.

The fact that Biden said the Chinese government is busy dealing with its corruptions is not because he is stupid and doesn’t understand the Chinese politics, but because he is evil.  The reason I say this is based on the reason why Biden would portray the Chinese government as a “partner” of U.S. rather than a “competitor”, and that is the tremendous business interests Biden has with the Chinese government.

Biden’s son Hunter Biden is one of the investors of an investment fund of a technology holding company in China.  He also became a board member of Ukrainian Natural Gas Company when Russia invaded Ukraine during the Obama administration.  When corruptions were revealed from the transactions of this Ukrainian company, Biden threatened the Ukrainian President, so that the District Attorney who was in charge of the investigation of the involvement of Biden’s son was removed from the position.  We know from this that Biden has a history of interfering with justice of other countries with  the  political power to protect his son.

After his intensive investigations into the business transactions between the Chinese government and the Biden Family, the American journalist Peter Schweizer disclosed that Hunter Biden gained over $1 billion via Chinese banks.  He co-founded BHR Equity Investment Company with Christopher Heinz, son of the ex-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Hunter Biden invested in the BHR Equity Investment Fund in the Free Trade Area in Shanghai.  During the last decade, the company also controls Megvii Technology Ltd., which is an APP company of Face++.  This company works for the Chinese government and provides massive surveillance of Uyghurs in XinJiang.  It assists Chinese government with its cruel crackdown against Uyghurs and political dissidents, and Biden’s son is one of its investors.

It cannot be any more evident that Biden viciously works with the Chinese government persecuting Uyghurs in China.  His son is also the big helping hand of the Communist Party and an executioner with bloody hands.  Out of all the political and business interests, it is by no surprise that Joe Biden speaks for the Chinese government.  He not only wishes to advocate for the leftists’ socialist ideology, but also to protect his son’s business interests.

Biden also has a history of disgrace.  He rose to political stardom in early years and was elected as a Senator at the age of 29.  His rich political experience helped him getting elected as Obama’s V.P. for 8 years.  It turns out that he has just as rich experiences in sexual harassment.  He has been alleged by numerous women with disturbing harassing behaviors.  All these public accusations alleged that Biden had disturbing conducts that caused discomfort.  One of his high exposure of such conducts shows that he wrapped his arms around Hillary Clinton for a good 16 seconds.  These footages would earn him a nickname in Nanjing slang as “the old flower stem”.

With decades of involvement in politics, Biden has raised as much as $29 million political funding, much of which is known by sources as  funded by the Chinese Communist Party via its American agents and various American companies.  The investigations reveal that starting from 2011, the Thornton Group under Hunger Biden started to receive good amounts of funding from unknown sources.  As Fox news program states, Biden’s Congress record shows that between donations from working people and billionaires, Biden always chooses the latter any time he faces a choice between between U.S. and China.  It’s not for no reason that he is labeled by the American TV news as “Joe Commie” instead of “Joe Biden”.

Even Bernie Sanders has had enough of Biden’s siding with the Chinese.  Sanders has recently tweeted that ever since 2000 when U.S. and China signed the bilateral agreements granting China the entry into WTO, US has lost 3 million jobs in manufacturing and that Biden’s conclusion that “China is not our competitor” is erroneous.  “When Democrats take the White House, we will continue to adjust our trade policies with China and will never allow it to continue to take advantage of us as it has.”

Even though Democrats are disgusted with Trump’s policies on immigration and often stand in the way of the implantation of his policies, they are, however, by and large on the same page with Trump when it comes to containing and opposing the Communist Party.  Thus, Biden’s pro-Communist comments have drawn resistance not only from White House or Trump, but also from his own party.

Trump has commented that Biden is not waking up, and his views on Communist Party are not only naive but stupid.  At the age of 78, Biden has spent 30 or 40 years being an American politician.  However, be it the national policies he advocates for or the business interests his children have in connection with the Chinese Communist Party, it is with little dispute Biden is a traitor selling the U.S. national interests to the Chinese government.  Someone like this intends on running for President on behalf of Democrats – even if nominated by the Democrats, he could hardly pose a formidable threat to Trump.  I trust that the American people will not elect someone like Biden as their President.

The current Vice President of the U.S. is Pence.  During his interview on May 3 with CNBC, Pence expressed his total agreement with Trump’s trade policy with China.  Trump believes it’s highly likely that U.S. will probably reach an agreement with China this coming week when the Chinese delegation of more than 100 people led by Liu He arrives in Washington.  “There is no doubt about the facts that China has been stealing our intellectual properties and forcing the technology transfers.  China must be committed to making its structural changes and removing the unbalances trading relations.  The United States will not flinch from this stance.”  Lighthizer and Mnuchin have returned to Beijing and started the 11th round of talk with China.

There is at the most one more round of talk after this.  The Chinese delegation is scheduled to arrive in Washington on May 8, headed by Liu He.  After this round or before the end of next week, the U.S. delegation will either report to Trump that the agreement has been reached or it is not, and there is no need for further talks.  Pence has reiterated Trump’s standing on this issue: either we’ll have a historical deal, or we don’t, which is fine with the U.S. because it holds all the cards.

Pence has been a steadfast supporter of Trump.  His political style and firm perseverance have earned my personal respect and admiration.  I think he is the best partner of Trump.  I also also think that after Trump fulfills the re-elected term, Pence would make a great successor along with Senator Rubio, both of whom are known for their unwavering advocacy of American values and hard lines against Communism.

Pence’s grandfather came from a small Irish town.  He took great pride in being a public bus driver for 40 years in Chicago.  Both of Pence’s parents came from families with good education.  His father joined the war in Korea and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.  His valor, family orientation and pioneering spirits were passed on to Pence to their totalities.  Pence lost his father during his early college years in 1980’s.  His mother worked hard to support the family of 6 kids and managed to earn her own college diploma on top of that.

Wife Karen is an educator and has been Pence’s soulmate and indispensible partner for his career.  They were married in 1985 and have come through all the years with faithful and firm support of each other.  After his failures in 1988 and 1990 running for congress office, Pence started his decade-long preparations for resurgence by starting think tanks, radio stations and self-media.  With years of gathering fame and influence, Pence finally won the office in Congress in 2000.

After that, he was elected as the governor of Indiana as widely speculated.  He was raved by people and gained wide popularity by his policies in lowering taxes and creating employment, advancing education and successful implementation of medical coverage for all.  His great success was noticed by Trump, who personally called Pence inviting him to be his running partner in the presidential election, and eventually convinced Pence’s wife Karen, so that the two men ran for White House together.

Among the notorious business/political circle in D.C., Pence retains his character with integrity with sharp political talents and deep-rooted faith as a Christian conservative.  He maintains an outstanding reputation as a politician and enjoys high regard within the Republican Party. Pence exercises faith in personal conducts at all times and fiercely defends the Christian values and the righteousness in protecting the human civilizations that the U.S. was created upon.   His stubborn stance in maintaining his character often times caused him to be marginalized as a “minority”.  When he was chosen by Trump to be the partner, the total value of his personal properties were merely $400,000, a pathetic number comparing with even a head of a village in China.

On the other hand, what kind of people does China produce?  We just found out a couple of days ago about the worst scandal of briberies in U.S. colleges, including a Chinese millionaire named Zhao Tao buying his daughter into Stanford with $6.5 million.  Had his daughter not shown off on internet and deceived people by fraudulently portraying herself as an inspiration, her father might not have been found out about his bribery this quick.  After being bought into Stanford, she had the nerve to tell people that she was accepted with all the hard work she put in, and that “Keep up your dreams.  You can fly as long as you have dreams.” … and her dream is to be a government employee in China after graduation from Stanford.  I find that too deplorable to believe!  One should be much more concerned when a conman dreams than an official being shameless.

Can you imagine a girl with her credibility would genuinely show any concern of educations in rural areas after she returns to China???  She is a direct result of the education system in China, which makes everyone lean towards power.  Be it a child of rich or of an official, what they ultimately dream about is to control the power.  Their desire to work for the government has nothing to do with changing China’s poverty, rather, to produce even more poverty.  Under this educational system, everyone moves along the same path of flashing his wealth and power, which is the only way to be acknowledged and applauded by the society.  The genes in the Chinese culture also determines it to be the ultimate dream of everyone to show off social status and personal wealth.

I believe with Pence as his steadfast support, Trump will have little difficulty being re-elected.  I whole-heartedly hope that after his re-election, Trump is able to purge Chinese Communism and autocracy once for all, rid the inequality of Chinese education, as well as rich people who bought their way into Ivy League. The Chinese social structure mandates to produce for generations people like this “Stanford girl” and not those like Trump or Pence.  It is the sickness of the society.  Any effort to change this must be precedent with changing the political system first.  Only when the democracy is brought about in China and the Chinese people are blessed with true prosperity that the Chinese students will not rely on U.S. universities for advanced education, and that the true spirits and honors of Tsinghua and Beijing Universities will be restored in China.




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